The “Virtual Incubator”TM Concept

Are you ready to join the most exciting (and competitive) startup eco-system – Silicon Valley?

The house is open to any startup from any part of the World.  It includes accommodations while working in the framework of a Virtual Incubator.

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Guest House – “Virtual Incubator”

We hope that you will have a terrific time with us in beautiful Woodside, so close to everything yet secluded amongst majestic redwood trees.

10 minutes from Stanford University, 25 minutes to San Francisco International Airport, 40 minutes from San Francisco, 45 minutes from San Jose, 20 minutes from BART/Caltrain railways station in Redwood city.



4+ Persons (double with overflow)

2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen + wet bar
Each bedroom sleeps 2 comfortably, can accommodate 3 persons if necessary (albeit tightly).

Gym + Gym attic

4+ Persons (overflow sleep only)

Very tight/low ceiling/overflow accommodations in the attic – Sleeps 2 on each side of the upstairs sleeping area (limited privacy for each side)

  • The ground level of the Gym is a preferred work location for many startup teams.


Airport pickup and drop off: arrange with our associate and we will try to accommodate you.

UberX / Lyft is about $35 from San Francisco International airport. There is no public transportation by the house, so a car/bike is necessary to get around. Caltrain and Metrorail are relatively close: Sequoia Station in Redwood City is less than half an hour drive (we recommend to park at the station and take the train if you go to the city because parking is difficult, strictly enforced and can run up to $75/day).  This is not the case in other parts of the Bay area.

Parking and Gates

After you have unloaded your luggage from your car, we recommend that you park on Partition road, on the side of our house and use the foot gate to walk into the yard to enter your house.

Entry Code: 1947 (both for the main and the foot gate). Bikes are available. The pool is opened from late spring through November. Sauna/gym / Jacuzzi available 24/7.

It is recommended to work during the day in incubators/shared workspaces at no charge to minimum fees ($10/day).  Networking, team building, local talent search is most effective when socializing with locals.

Car Rental

Please inquire about the availability. 
Have travel insurance and an International driver’s license prior to arrival, please.


WiFi, Recreation and Sports

WiFi: High-speed internet available throughout the house.

You have access to the fully equipped gym, sauna, swimming pool and Jacuzzi in the backyard. In addition, we have a discount at upon request.

The area has hundreds of hiking trails. Some of them are directly accessible from the house so there is no need to drive. We will show you the trailhead upon arrival. Others are a few minutes drive/bike-ride away. Those include Huddart Park, Wunderlich Park, Windy Hill – all in close proximity.

Any imaginable leisure activity is a short drive around: horseback riding, parasailing, skiing, surfing, kayaking, bike riding, standup paddling, swimming, sailing, beaches, not to mention pubs and restaurants.

Experience Silicon Valley Living

We recommend that you try to leave in the morning – and go to a co-working place.  There are plenty of locations, available for working and networking. Our preferred location is Hacker Dojo in Mountain View at $10/day, including parking (monthly / student discounts are available).

Everybody works in the Startup/ VC/ Technology / Biotech and related services businesses in Silicon Valley. You will randomly meet folks who might prove pivotal to your business in the future. The more you network, the more you will benefit.

There are multiple meet-ups every week in the area that are relevant to different interest groups and ideal for networking. This is the best way to find useful contacts/partners/investors.  Generally speaking, everybody is trying to be helpful to startup teams.

SF is the cultural center (including the opera, a symphonic orchestra, theater, nightlife, about three thousand restaurants). From South SF through San Jose it is all geeks – and pubs, diners and restaurants.  Did we mention amazing mountains and hiking trails?  Having a walking meeting at the Stanford Dish is not unusual.

House Rules

If both bedrooms are occupied, overflow is the living room first. Same price, limited privacy. During the day, you can use the living room of the main house and the facilities in the main building if necessary to avoid crowding at the guest house bathroom.  There is only one bathroom for all, so please be respectful of others.

Water Usage

California is under strict water restrictions. Let’s conserve water and energy together!

We all try to conserve energy and water by turning off lights (and heating/AC) when we leave.  California introduced dire water conservation rules for 2021, with a mandatory 25% savings.  This requires observing “navy shower” rules: turning off the water before soaping up and rinsing it off. Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope that California will be in a better shape in terms of water tables soon.

Thanks for being environmentally responsible.


Garbage cans are located in the shed to the right of the driveway (next to the backyard entrance). Plastic and paper go in the recycle bin (large size). Wine bottles too. Regular garbage is put in the smaller size bin. Beer bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic water bottles with the logo “CA” printed on them are collected separately in blue and grey bins in the backyard next to the guesthouse (and we take them to the collection place regularly). California enforces recycling rules.

Thanks again for being thoughtful.

Keeping It Clean

Leave the room as you wish to find it next time, please.

We respectfully expect you to cleanup prior to your departure. Brooms, a vacuum cleaner and mops can be found in the kitchen closet. Cleaning solutions are put under the kitchen sink (sometimes need to be re-filled, we recommend Costco to purchase new supplies).

As a minimum, please put your linens in the washing machine and start a cycle, so the next visitors only need to dry them. If timing and the weather allows, please use the line drying rack outside. Same for the dishwasher: if you could start a cycle when you leave that is much appreciated by the next visitor / team. The rule of thumb is to leave the place the way you wish to see it next time you arrive.

Cleaning services are available at a $100 / week price. Should you prefer to leave cleaning to the professionals, Emerita the helpful housekeeper will arrange it for you.

Available upon request - Apply for a grant.

Please note: your accommodation is pre-paid only, and no cancellation is possible.


To make a reservation please contact us. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Email: or Contact Page
Tel: 703-757-9195 (US) or +36-30-922-9178(EU)